GM LSA Supercharger Quick Change Pulley


Our GM LSA Pulley is designed for the CTS-V Cadillac and the ZL1 Camaro and feature’s a steel hub and a 6061 aluminum pulley ring.


Supercharger Quick Change Pulley

Specifically, designed for the CTS-V Cadillac and ZL1 Camaro, our GM LSA pulley features a steel hub and a 6061 aluminum pulley ring. Our unique design is one of the strongest pulleys out there and features our gear design that locks the hub and pulley together. The pulley torsional force is applied to the hub rather than the bolts for maximum strength. The bolts on our pulley hold the pulley ring to the hub with no stress to the bolts. Our hub is a press on fit with the exact tolerance as the OEM press fit. Once our pulley hub is installed to the Supercharger the pulley is easily changed out with ease for different boost levels.

Different size pulleys are available and custom size pulleys can be ordered. Additional colors are available at additional cost.

*You must call us for your custom sizes.

A smaller belt may be required depending on your pulley size. Remove the Supercharger snout to remove the OEM pulley and press our pulley hub on. Use a pulley tool to remove the OEM pulley. You will need a press to put the pulley hub back on. It is important to inspect your Supercharger coupler. However, we highly recommend replacing the coupler with a new stronger version.

Additionally, our in-house team designs, engineers, and makes all of our products on our CNC machines. As a result, this is a high-performance application part. By all means, contact us with any questions.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in
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2.40", 2.50"


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