Dodge Hellcat Bearing Plate


We have designed our plate to increase airflow over 40% with added strength.

Hellcat Bearing Plate Compatibility:

  • 2.4 Hellcat
  • Trackhawk
  • TRX Superchargers


Hellcat Bearing Plate

Specifically, we have designed our own Hellcat Bearing Plate for the 2.4 Hellcat, Trackhawk, and TRX superchargers. Our Billet design utilizes our highly precision CNC machines, which are proprietary CAD design, for a greater increase of air flow into the supercharger. In short, this provides much better air charge, increasing the supercharger’s efficiency for making more Horsepower. Furthermore, our Billet Bearing Plate is made from T6 6061 Aluminum. Thus, this increases strength and is superior over the standard OEM bearing plate.


We have designed our plate to comparatively increase airflow over 40% with added strength.

  • Sealant may be used instead of the OEM gasket for sealing the snout to the bearing plate.
  • The dowel pins from your OEM supercharger bearing plate must be installed on our Bearing Plate.
    • *See Warnings below.
  • R2 Motorsports can install our Billet Bearing Plate at an additional cost.
    • Contact us prior to purchase to discuss your options.


  • This product has a lead time of 3-5  business days.
  • Removing the bearing plate from the supercharger can be difficult. If you do not have the proper tools and experience, you should not attempt to perform this modification. This should be performed by a experienced person with the proper tools or at our shop by one of our trained mechanics.
  • This is a performance modification to the supercharger and we will not warranty any improper installation of this product.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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