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R2 Motorsports is your go-to shop for performance modifications!

Our technicians have years of experience extracting maximum performance from new and classic cars.

So, if you’ve got a vision for your car, or are looking for a trustworthy place to get started, R2 Motorsports has everything you need from the expertise to answer all of your questions to an in-house chassis dyno to tune your car after we have installed your new performance mods, and more!

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I brought Leroy my 2016 Camaro 2SS misfiring with a collapsed DOD lifter already diagnosed. I requested that he delete the DOD system from my LT1 engine electronically and mechanically, and install a stage one cam at the same time.

The car came out great, and runs like a champ. It has a great lope to the idle now, and it picked up a decent hp and tq boost as evidenced by the dyno printout and drive feel.
I took my JDM spec 90's vehicle here for performance based maintenance and advanced level modifications.

They seem expertly choiced for domestic cars of all ages, including custom fabrication.

They also have their own chassis dyno too
I have worked with Leroy Ranger since 1999. He helped me build up a 62 Vette to a Resto-Mod, the car won best of show in Ft. Worth over 454 Corvettes. I still have this car and it is still beautiful.

Next I went to Leroy to do exhaust system for Resto-Mod a 63 Vette. LOTS of money later the exhaust system was trashed as the connections were warped beyond use. Additionally he sent the car to a soda blaster, to clean the body. That referral achieved nothing but damaged car, I ended taking the car to a different shop to finish.

Most recently, many years later, I took the 62 Vette back to Leroy (R2 Motorsports) for minor body repair, polishing the remainder of the body and machine work to build outside mirrors that allow better function. I do not know what really happened here, I never saw the mirrors that I believe I paid for, I cannot find the receipt so I am not certain. I called many many many times over almost 8 months, I received two returned texts. One saying he was on vacation and would call when he got home, months later I had never heard from him. The second text was told me the chrome shop lost them and he was not making any new ones. That means I not only will not get the ones I asked him to make but I did not get the original sample back either. While all this was going on I realized he had cut the blinker wire during the minor body work, when I told him about the cut wire and that I spent a week finding why the blinkers would not work, his answer LOL.

In the end Leroy did good work years ago, but his workman ship and care about his work seems to have dropped off.

In the end, he was correct, every one should LOL at the bumps in life.
Excellent service at a huge discount on the brakes for Hellcat. Leroy the owner is a wealth of knowledge and even invited me back for a follow inspection when I told him I was going to the track. Really nice talented guys all around over there.

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Based in San Antonio, Texas, R2 Motorsports has been building muscle cars for 30+ years! We offer performance upgrades, restoration, dyno tuning, and more.



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